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VIII - High blood pressure and special cases

8.1 - High blood pressure and sport
8.2 - High blood pressure and obesity
8.3 - High blood pressure and pregnancy
8.4 - High blood pressure and elderly
8.5 - High blood pressure and children
8.6 - High blood pressure and contraception
8.7 - Influence of hormones on high blood pressure (case of the post-menopausal woman)
8.8 - Influence of life style modification on blood pressure

8.7- Influence of hormones on high blood pressure (case of the post-menopausal woman)

Many medical studies have shown that men have a higher blood pressure than women who are not post-menopausal, whereas the post-menopausal cancels this difference.

Rate of the high blood pressure in men and women according to the age.

The explanation to this difference is the presence of oestrogen hormones in women, which protects the arteries. In fact, the non post-menopausal women would be less sensitive to the effect of sodium, which induces high blood pressure.

8.7.1- Influence of the hormonal treatment of the menopause on the blood pressure

The post-menopausal substitution hormonal treatments are prescribed with a physiological dose of hormone, which do not seem to have an influence on the blood pressure level. These treatments are based on the administration of oestrogen and often of progesterone.

High blood pressure does not constitute a counter-indication to the hormonal treatment of the post-menopausal woman.

8.7.2- Antihypertensive drug therapy

Many medical studies have shown that women seem to look after themselves better than men because they visit a greater number of practitioners (gynaecologist, podiatrist, general practitioner).

On the other hand, the effectiveness of the treatment seems to have a lower effect in terms of cardiovascular mortality, in women compared with men. This data comes from a study that included 20,802 women and 19,975 men, followed between 1972 and 1990 and treated by antihypertensive drugs (diuretic and/or beta-blocker).

But we have to be very careful because this study is the only one and has used antihypertensive drugs which are certainly effective, but old.

In the case of antihypertensive drugs, all the drugs have the same effects among men and women.

A particular case is represented by the woman wishing to be pregnant or already pregnant, since the antihypertensive drugs of the family of the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and the Angiotensine receptor antagonist cannot be prescribed.

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