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VIII - High blood pressure and special cases

8.1 - High blood pressure and sport
8.2 - High blood pressure and obesity
8.3 - High blood pressure and pregnancy
8.4 - High blood pressure and elderly
8.5 - High blood pressure and children
8.6 - High blood pressure and contraception
8.7 - Influence of hormones on high blood pressure (case of the post-menopausal woman)
8.8 - Influence of life style modification on blood pressure

8.6 High blood pressure and contraception

The contraceptive pill involves an increase of the blood pressure, mainly because of the progesterone more than of the oestrogen. However, the current contraceptive pills are lighter in oestrogen thus the effects on the blood pressure are less significant than before.

The measurement of the blood pressure is always done before the administration of the pill, and a high blood pressure is incompatible with the prescription of a contraceptive pill.

In the event of a high blood pressure, this generally disappears when the contraceptive pill is stopped. This stop is essential when the blood pressure value is too high and when the pill seems to be responsible for an arterial hypertension. However, this situation is not frequently met. Life style modifications can also induce a blood pressure decrease.

The family history of high blood pressure, the existence of a high blood pressure during the pregnancy, obesity, the age (> 35 years) are elements which can induce a high blood pressure if a contraceptive pill is prescribed.

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