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VIII - High blood pressure and special cases

8.1 - High blood pressure and sport
8.2 - High blood pressure and obesity
8.3 - High blood pressure and pregnancy
8.4 - High blood pressure and elderly
8.5 - High blood pressure and children
8.6 - High blood pressure and contraception
8.7 - Influence of hormones on high blood pressure (case of the post-menopausal woman)
8.8 - Influence of life style modification on blood pressure

8.5- High blood pressure and children

The blood pressure in children is lower than that of an adult (see joined table).

We know that family history of high blood pressure and weight can influence the level of the blood pressure. Thus, a child who is overweight and comes from a family of hypertensive subjects will be more easily hypertensive himself.

8.5.1- The measurement of the blood pressure

Blood pressure can be measured from 3 years old, by using a small cuff adapted to the circumference of the arm. This concept is very important because a too large cuff would underestimate the blood pressure.

8.5.2- Reference values of the blood pressure in children

AGE (years)
Between 3 and 6 years
113/67 mmHg
110/68 mmHg
Between 6 and 10 years
117/76 mmHg
114/75 mmHg
Between 10 and 13 years
123/82 mmHg
122/80 mmHg
Between 13 and 16 years
130/84 mmHg
128/84 mmHg
More than 16 years
138/87 mmHg
132/86 mmHg

For example, 113/67 mmHg means 113 millimetres of Mercury for the maximum one (11.3) and 67 millimetres of Mercury for the minima (6.7).

Notice that these values are different in the boy and the girl, in very small proportions.

8.5.3- What to do when a child has a high blood pressure?

In case of a high blood pressure in children, the practitioner has to measure the blood pressure every 6 months, the antihypertensive drug therapy being used only in exceptional cases.

Very often, the blood pressure is regularized at the end of a few months or years.

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