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VIII - High blood pressure and special cases

8.1 - High blood pressure and sport
8.2 - High blood pressure and obesity
8.3 - High blood pressure and pregnancy
8.4 - High blood pressure and elderly
8.5 - High blood pressure and children
8.6 - High blood pressure and contraception
8.7 - Influence of hormones on high blood pressure (case of the post-menopausal woman)
8.8 - Influence of life style modification on blood pressure

8.8- Influence of life style modification on blood pressure

We know that the blood pressure of patients living in the industrialized countries is higher than those of patients living in poor countries.

However, a vegetarian food is very often practised in poorest countries. This data lets us assume the influence of the diet in these countries.

An epidemiological study carried out in the United States shows that vegetarian patients have a lowest blood pressure level compared to the non-vegetarian patients. In the same way, it is established that vegetable and fruit consumption is associated with a decrease of the blood pressure, this reduction is bigger if the diet is fat free.

Thus, it clearly appears that the diet likely to decrease the blood pressure is:

  • Fruits and vegetables, rich in potassium, magnesium and fibres,

  • Fish oil, but its taste limits its practical daily use,

  • The vegetarian diet.

Nevertheless, other studies should be carried out in order to establish the role of this diet on the blood pressure level.

Sodium (salt) induces high blood pressure and many medical studies have already showed that the more significant the sodium intake the higher the level of blood pressure.

In the same way, medical studies have showed that the reduction of sodium intake involves a blood pressure decrease.

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