Slimming products in pharmacy – general information

Diuretics, aka diuretics, contribute to the removal of excess water. These are medicines that are used for medical reasons, including such dangerous complications of hypertension as hypertension crisis.
Choosing diuretic pills for weight loss, you should understand that the loss of pounds in this case is due to fluid removal, while the fat reserves remain in place. The range of diuretics is very diverse. These are pharmaceutical products – Furosemide, Torasemide, Veroshpiron, Asparkam, and well-known biologically active additives (BAAs), which often include natural diuretics of plant origin.

Slimming products in pharmacy - general information

Some people do not use diuretics for weight loss, but laxatives, which contribute to the removal of waste food from the body. Reception of such products allows you to lose weight very quickly (you can lose a few pounds in a few days) and cleanse the body of toxins. However, along with toxins, the necessary substances (trace elements, vitamins) are also washed out of the body, so diuretic and laxative pills can be taken no more than a few days in a row. Often, they are used by athletes and bodybuilders on the eve of competitions and contests, when you need to quickly “dry” the body. Uncontrolled use of diuretics and laxatives threatens with various side effects – from dehydration, diarrhea and general weakness to cardiac disorders and kidney failure.

The so-called fat-burning weight-loss pills, which are very popular in show business and among athletes, are divided into two categories: the first helps to accelerate fat metabolism (primarily dietary supplements), the second reduces the absorption of fat and/or carbohydrates. The action of fat and carbohydrate blockers is based on the suppression of enzymes needed to break down fat in the gastrointestinal tract. Un-divided fat molecules are not absorbed by the body and are excreted with feces.

Fat burner, they are pills to speed up metabolism, as well as duretics can be dangerous to health. Prolonged uncontrolled their use can lead to stomach problems, as well as adversely affect the blood and nervous system.

Slimming products in pharmacy - general information

Of great interest to people who dream of maintaining a slender figure, are drugs that suppress appetite (their other name – anorectics). Pharmacists offer various dosage forms of anorectics – pills, capsules, sprays. These products act due to the presence in their formula of a substance sibutramine, which sends a saturation signal to the brain. It is a psychotropic substance whose uncontrolled intake can cause side effects, including allergies and addictions. Those who are consciously looking for sibutramine diet pills should know that it is illegal in many countries.

To ensure a state of satiety and “deceive” the body, weight-lossy people are offered microcrystalline cellulose-based pills. Once in the stomach, the cellulose swells, and the person does not feel hunger, thus reducing the risk of overeating. This “diet” helps to cleanse the body, but there are also side effects – digestive problems, constipation. During the intake of products containing microcrystalline cellulose, it is very important to organize a balanced menu that provides the necessary nutrients for the body.

Sometimes hormonal and contraceptives are used for the purpose of weight loss. It is important to bear in mind that such drugs are intended for other purposes, and weight loss is a side effect. Taking such medications without a doctor’s recommendation can lead to serious health risks.