Information for those who are thinking about what to buy in a weight loss pharmacy

Faced with the problem of overweight, not everyone goes to the gym: many prefer to go to a pharmacy, where you can buy pills for weight loss. Sports training and proper nutrition are the right, but difficult and long way to a slim figure. Not every person has enough willpower to give up favorite delicacies and instead of watching TV series to persist in fitness. Some people, despite all the efforts, can not achieve a significant change in weight. Weight loss medications are designed to simplify the task: let’s try to understand what they represent.

Slimming products in the pharmacy – general information

Information for those who are thinking about what to buy in a weight loss pharmacy

Interest in pharmacy products, positioned as an effective way to combat overweight, is constantly growing. This is not surprising: according to WHO statistics, the number of people with excess body weight is increasing from year to year. As of 2016, more than 1.9 billion people on the planet are overweight, of which 650 million people suffer from obesity. There are several reasons for this problem: it is an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and metabolic disorders.
In order to facilitate the process of weight loss, pharmacists offer a wide range of medicines to complete people. Although most of them are sold without prescription, consumers need to understand that each product has its own characteristics and contraindications, so taking certain pills should be coordinated with a specialist so as not to harm your health.
It should be noted that the pills are not the only available slimming products that are currently offered in the pharmacy. In addition to products for internal use (pills, dietary supplements, teas), there are plasters, creams and other external products.

Slimming tablets in pharmacies: classification by principle of action

Information for those who are thinking about what to buy in a weight loss pharmacy

When choosing a slimming agent, first of all you should pay attention to its mechanism of action. Specialists distinguish between several main groups:

  • tablets that suppress appetite;
  • drugs that help normalize metabolic processes (so-called fat incinerators);
  • drugs that reduce the absorption (absorbability) of fats;
  • diuretics, laxatives;
  • preparations with cellulose.

Diuretics, aka diuretics, contribute to the removal of excess water. These are medicines that are used for medical reasons, including such dangerous complications of hypertension as hypertension crisis.
Choosing diuretic pills for weight loss, you should understand that the loss of pounds in this case is due to fluid removal, while the fat reserves remain in place. The range of diuretics is very diverse.

Some people do not use diuretics for weight loss, but laxatives, which contribute to the removal of waste food from the body. Reception of such products allows you to lose weight very quickly (you can lose a few pounds in a few days) and cleanse the body of toxins. However, along with toxins, the necessary substances (trace elements, vitamins) are also washed out of the body, so diuretic and laxative pills can be taken no more than a few days in a row. Often, they are used by athletes and bodybuilders on the eve of competitions and contests, when you need to quickly “dry” the body. Uncontrolled use of diuretics and laxatives threatens with various side effects – from dehydration, diarrhea and general weakness to cardiac disorders and kidney failure.