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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss – Best Way To Stay Fit

Weight loss is not a hard and painful thing. It can be achieved by following the best diet for weight loss. Raw food is one of the best diets for weight loss. Most of the raw foods are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals and have very low calories and fats. Raw food diet weight loss burns the excess fats and calories present in the body.

Raw fruits and vegetables contain fiber:-

Instead of having three large meals in a day, having 7 to 8 smaller meals helps easy digestion and removal of unwanted substances present in the body. Half- cooked or uncooked vegetables and fruits contain large amount of fiber. Fruits like apple, orange and banana are rich in fiber and the fiber-rich vegetables are lady’s finger, green leaves and bitter guard. Fruits like pineapple, grapes and pears should be avoided as these fruits contain high sugar levels which in turn results in increase of insulin and fats.

To start with raw food diet weight loss plan, one has to understand the basic rules to be followed during the diet program. You can only consume raw foods like raw fish, raw cheese, raw nuts, raw soups, raw meats and raw and dried vegetables. Foods containing alkaline substances help in burning excess fat from the body. Raw vegetables and herbs contain alkaline and therefore helps in losing weight. You should also make sure that the food you consume is always fresh and best to eat.

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Raw food diet prevents health problems:-

The coking process recommended in raw food diet weight loss plan is dehydration. Foods can be blended, chopped, juiced or soaked. Raw foods have large amount of fiber and less amount of fat and therefore help in losing weight. Fast foods, junk food, potatoes and rice are not allowed to eat if one has preferred raw food diet. Raw food not only helps in trimming the body, but also increases energy, digests food faster, reduces cholesterol level, boosts the immune system and reduces heart diseases.

Consume high water content food:-

Raw food diet weight loss is very easy to follow and understand. Whenever you are hungry, eat fruits, as fruits do not contain fats and carbohydrates. Fruits consumed will fill up your stomach with nutrients required for proper functioning of the body. Eating high water content food will also help in losing weight. Plain water or water with squeezed lemon juice and other fresh fruit juices are the best liquid foods for weight loss.

Raw food diet along with regular exercise helps to lose weight faster. Exercise or physical activities like walking and running are always recommended to lose weight. These exercises accelerate the flow of oxygen through the body and lymph system. Thus, wastes are removed from the body and skin along with sweat. Raw food diet weight loss is an easy method to shed excess calories and fats from the body. This diet helps one to stay healthy and trim and to lead a balanced life.

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