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Weight Loss Workout – Lose Weight And Enjoy It

If you have kids, playing with them daily for about 50-60 minutes will provide you a good weight loss workout. Besides, your kids will like it. Playing with your kids has another benefit – they will not get obese as well. You can give your children piggyback rides or have fun playing catch with them on a daily basis for about 50-60 minutes.

There may be some activities (housecleaning, gardening, Yard work etc.) that you may not enjoy doing, but they are a good way of losing weight. They are not just household tasks to do around your home but they are excellent exercises for weight loss.

You need to indulge in some kind of activity daily for not less than 50 minutes. You may not make up a routine for weight loss workout; just do some activities that will at least make you break a little sweat. 

If you enjoy the activities you are indulging in, it is possible that you will stick with them longer since it doesn’t appear to you that you are doing some work. This simply means that you will lose more weight.

Interval training:

Do you know that the interval training is a very effective weight loss workout? In this kind of training you will need to workout swiftly or hard for certain duration after which you will need to workout slowly or easily.

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Just to illustrate an example you can run for a minute and then walk for another minute. Weight loss workout for interval training is supposed to last not more than 20 minutes while a minimum of 10 minutes need to be put in. 

Therefore if you are doing the interval exercises you are actually working out hard or swiftly only partially and taking rest for the remaining period of your exercise time by working out easily or slowly. There are many interval workouts that you can choose from, for example:

• You can go swimming a lap in a freestyle manner at a fast speed. Follow it up with a simple backstroke swim for a lap.
• Running a lap around a track followed by walking a lap around a track is another good interval exercise.
• You can Jog or walk up and down the flights of stairs. Of course you will find that jogging or walking up is harder than going down the stairs.

You will need to make sure that while you are doing the interval exercises for weight loss workout the fast or the hard part is actually severe than the easy part. For instance, if you are running or walking as a part of your interval training make sure that the running portion is so forceful that you just can’t wait to begin the walking portion.

Will it really work?

Once you have finished a powerful interval training exercise your metabolism will stay high hours after your exercising is over. So for a long period of time after your interval training is over, your body continues to burn calories or fat.

Even when you are relaxing you are still burning calories as that weight loss workout for interval training keeps your metabolism elevated hours after you have finished the workout regime.

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