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Healthy Weight Loss With Weight Training And Aerobics

When men and women are on diet control and lose weight rapidly, the result is that their overall look is not of a healthy person. Some parts of the body may look flabby while others are trim. This happens with almost everyone. The only way to avoid being reduced to a caricature of yourself is to tone up the body by weight training and aerobic exercises. 

Aerobics and weight training is the perfect healthy weight loss method. Aerobics will help to burn calories and weight training will raise the metabolism. This will help you in losing weight. Weight training will build up the lean muscle mass and muscle by burning up the fat. The basal metabolic rate will increase as there will be an increase in the muscle mass.

How to get started with weights

For a healthy weight loss for consult your physician before you start to lift weights or raise your level of activity. Weight training programs consists of eight to ten exercises. You can begin your weight training with single-set programs at least twice per week. 

As you are a beginner single set of weight training programs is extremely good and less time consuming. This will help you to stick to your routine as it can hardly take 10 – 15 minutes of strength training. Slowly and gradually you can increase your number of sets, repetitions and weight amount.

Weight trainings are the best option for healthy weight loss because you can hit all the important muscle groups with it. Arms, chest, back and legs, lower abdominal, gluteal and hamstrings gets properly and thoroughly toned up strength training exercises. 

Proper set of strength training exercise will increase the basal metabolic rate. Higher BMR will burn more calories while you are rest.

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Aerobics and strength training should go together

For healthy weight loss strength raining exercise should be blended well with aerobics. Aerobics will help to burn the level of fat. High intensity of aerobic exercises will burn calories at a faster rate. 

Fix up a routine for both strength training and aerobics. Leaving some hours of gap between both the set of exercises will result in healthy weight loss in an effective way. Doing half an hour of aerobic exercises everyday is good to lose body fat easily. If you choose morning hours for weight training then, in the evening you can go for aerobics.

Heart and lungs gets stronger as aerobic exercises overloads them to work harder. The body utilizes oxygen in a more effective manner. This improves the results of strength training by bringing in overall fitness.

Never over train your body

Aerobics and strength training will give magnificent result. However, you should never over train your body. Over training may lead to injury in muscles, bones and joints, hormonal dysfunction. Incase of women over training may lead to iron deficiency and fatigue.

Therefore you should always search for good trainer who can guide for a healthy weight loss at every step. A good trainer will guide you when you experiment with different level of intensity of strength training and aerobics.

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