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Weight Loss Exercise – Combine Aerobic With Strength Training

There are several kinds of exercises that are like normal and ordinary activities. Important for you is to do something that you enjoy. When you enjoy doing your weight loss exercise, you tend to give hundred percent and never want to leave it half way. You will surely get long term benefits because it would have got converted into a habit. 

Any exercise will benefit people who are severely obese. However, you can focus on aerobics and strength training in order to get the best results. Both these methods are good for weight loss but they work differently. Hence, experts suggest combining these two forms of weight loss exercise in order to get good results. 

There are people who enjoy going for long walks with their iPod whereas some like to spend time dancing to the grooves and sweating it out. Some like to swim and some engage in yogic exercises. Whichever weight loss exercise you do, it is important to focus on the timings. Monitoring the changes in your body is also crucial when you get into a regime. 


Fifty five percent of fat is burned when you go for walking. However, it depends on the intensity with what you are walking and individual body type as well. Walking not only burns the stored fats but also burn the calories when you perform brisk walk. People who are yet to start with their weight loss exercise can initiate the process by walking regularly. 


Jogging is considered to be an aerobic exercise which effectively burns quite a large amount of fat in a short period of time. However, people who are severely obese may have to do some other aerobic exercises for proper fat burning. Aerobic exercises basically helps in muscle toning and slimming. 

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Aerobic dance, swimming, stepping and walking are considered to be good aerobic exercises. You can use the stairs at your home to do the stepping exercises. 

Along with aerobics you will need to do some strength training exercises to get the best results. Few of the most effective strength training exercises are as follows: - 


Squats are one of the best exercises one can do to lose weight. Squat is one such weight loss exercise which works on your glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings. You should do it 2-3 non consecutive days in a week to see good results. 

Push ups

Push ups are also an excellent way to lose weight because like squats it also has compound movements. Almost all the muscles of your body are utilized in these kinds of exercises. Push ups mainly works on your chest, shoulders, back, triceps and abs. 

Strength training exercises are those which have compound moves. There are exercises for abs, biceps, calf muscles, chest, hip, shoulder and even ball exercises which help to lose weight. When you perform weight loss exercise, it allows you to maintain and balance your posture. 

Other than these exercises, normal routine work at home also helps to burn calories. Try cleaning your floor, glass panes, cabinets etc. Gardening is another good exercise which can help you to reduce weight. Always be regular in your exercises because it not only helps to lose weight but also keeps you healthy and free from diseases.

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