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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Is A Necessity

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss is a necessary and vital element in the proper working and functioning of the patient after her delivery of her child.

Excessive weight naturally leads to excess pressure upon the support system of our body, results in obesity and as a result is very harmful to us in many ways.


The initial part of the pregnancy basically is companioned with average loss in weight caused by a detention in the woman’s appetite.

In some other cases because of nausea of the patient, an average loss in weight is observed. Most women gain usually about 9 kilograms (20 pounds) or more, between the third and the ninth month of pregnancy 

Basically, body weight increases at the rate of 0.5 kilogram per week for a sum of not more than 9 to 11 kilograms during pregnancy.

In an average pregnancy the weight of the baby, the afterbirth, and the fluid which is in the uterus weigh about 4.5 kilograms. So, we see the weight keeps on increasing at a steady rate of the patient. 

A woman normally loses approximately 7 kilograms at the time of her delivery. As the uterus shrinks, another 2.25 kilograms of stagnated fluid are removed.

She does not lose extra kilograms during the days coming followed by the delivery of the baby until and unless she herself limits her intake of calories. 

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Weight Loss

Inordinate weight rise in pregnancy is an issue of worry for the patient as well as the doctor in charge. Although the reason behind be mainly overeating, but it may be a reason of disruption in the metabolism by unnatural storage of liquids and salts.

So, post pregnancy weight loss is a concerning factor related to the health of the patient in many ways.

How to Achieve Post Pregnancy Weight Loss?

Thinking that post pregnancy weight loss might be too hard to be accomplished? This is not the truth. Many people have survived this stage in weight loss and stand before you as examples.

However, there are some ways through which you can accomplish your dream of retaining your earlier slim and trim figure. So, let’s take a look at it.

It’s completely natural that if you have kept on eating for two to nine months that means you have incurred some bad food habits. So, the very primary step that you can take is to take a fair look at what you are eating.

You can start by maintaining a food diary and use that diary to figure out where you’re bad habits lie actually and it will help in your post pregnancy weight loss program.

Doing some exercises will really help you in burning up your excess data in the form of fats. But you cannot do any strenuous exercise for at least three months after giving birth. 

But you can walk around as much as you like as that will help a lot in burning those extra calories. Moreover, extra strenuous exercises can be added later on to achieve a healthier and good figure.


Post Pregnancy Weight Loss can seem like a heavy struggle and especially then when you are under the pressure of a growing family.

However, with a strong conviction in your mind and with the few ideas shared above, a healthy and smart figure can be maintained which will help you feel good even after pregnancy.

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