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Facial Exercises And Diet - Lose Weight On Face

Face reflects your appearance. Your face builds up on your inner personality. If you have a slim and perfect face, it improves your whole personality.

Facial exercises are exercises that help to lose weight on face. It tones up the facial muscles, thus giving it a slimmer and young look.

Facial exercise can start from your forehead to the neck. These simple exercises can help you lose weight on face.

These exercises are as follows:

Forehead: Frowning helps to lose weight on face. It involves bringing the eyebrows together by frowning. Then spread your eyebrows as far apart as possible. 

Eyes: Keep your eyes closed and in a relaxed form. Move your eyes downwards and then upwards as far as possible.

Keep your eyes upright and open. Look up and down, keeping your head still. Similarly do it left and right way. 

This helps in relaxation for your eyes and also strengthens the eye muscles. 

Neck: Tilt head back and look towards the ceiling. Start chewing by keeping your lips closed. Repeat chewing motion for 20 times.

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This helps in strengthening of the neck muscles and also helps to lose weight on face. Everyday exercise can show effective results.

Lips: In this, you need to sit upright and bring your lips together. Try lifting the pursed lips to your nose and keep it there for sometime.

Cheeks: Keep a relaxed smile on your face, with your lips closed. Suck in your cheeks with your teeth and hold down for sometime. 

This helps to contract your cheek muscles, there by giving it a fine cheek bone like structure. It endures you to lose weight on face.

The above exercises are simple and occupy less of your time. If exercised regularly, it can ensure great results.

Apart from these, some changes need to be made in your diet pattern in order to lose weight on face. These changes are:

Minimum intake of sugar and carbohydrates: Experts say that minimum intake of sugar and carbohydrates help lose face fat. Carbohydrates provide for more water retention in your face.

Avoid more salt related diets: Salt acts as a provider for water retention in your body. This adds to puffy cheeks and double chins as they contain sodium. Go in for less salt intake food items and lose weight on face.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking excessive water helps to prevent water retention in your face. Your must at least drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It helps in flushing out the toxins and also keeps your body hydrated.

Avoid alcohol: Alcohol dehydrates the body and contains at least 100 calories. This allows of puffiness around the eyes and gets you a double chin.

Three servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of water content. Fiber content is more and it provides for a full stomach.

The above exercises and diet will help to tone the muscles in your face, which would help to give it a beautiful and youthful glow and also help to lose weight on face.

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