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Are The Weight Loss Supplements, What They Actually Are?

Weight loss is the most primary concern for almost half the population of any country. When conducted a survey on how the people treat their obese, it is alarming that only one third of them respond that they consult their doctor. The remaining answered that they take their own medication from what others say and what the media spreads around.

Many resort to weight loss supplements and demand immediate results. The reasons why the people move on to these supplements vary from demanding a lifestyle that requires less strenuous changes, such as exercise and diet, frustration with previous attempts at dieting and/or exercise to the easy availability of the weight loss supplements without a prescription

At present, more than 50 individual dietary supplements and more than 125 combinational dietary products are available for weight loss. Unfortunately, there are some cheap imitation weight loss supplements that do not meet criteria for recommended use.

Supplement like Chromium, guar gum, chitosan, hydrochloric acid, glucomannan have not much evidence in terms of their efficiency and thus are not recommended by the physicians.

The weight loss supplements are grouped depending upon their functions: 

Increase energy expenditure

The supplements that increase the burning of the calories in the body are grouped in this category. Supplements like Ephedra, Bitter orange, Caffeine, Country mallow and Yerba maté helps to increase the body energy expenditure. The increase of the energy expenditure in the body will boost the metabolism into burning the excess fats which are stored in the body.

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Modulate carbohydrate metabolism

Ginseng and Chromium are supplements that regulate the carbohydrate metabolism of the body, thereby reducing the fat content considerably. 

Increase satiety 

Glucomannan, Guar gum, Psyllium are few supplements that make a person feel content with the amount of food intake and thereby indirectly reduces the intake of food. Some of these supplements are yet to be made available as recommended usage.

Reducing the fat synthesizing process

Hydroxycitric acid, L-carnitine , Vitamin B5, Green tea, Licorice ,Pyruvate are those that reduce the fat synthesis process of the human body and thereby ceases the production of fat. Green tea increases the metabolic rate of the body so that more calories are consumed and not being stored as fat cells. It also helps in regular intake of water so that the individual feels fuller.

Also Garcinia Cambogia, another weight loss supplement was proposed to make a person possess stronger will power in order to resist the cravings for food.

Results with amazing effectiveness of this supplement have been experienced by thousands of people. Garcinia cambogia contains an enzyme that disrupts the body's ability to absorb fat. This supplement is also known as hydroxycitric acid.

Increase water elimination

Dandelions, Cascara are weight loss supplements that enhance the elimination of water content of the body thus making a person feel thin and fit. 

Apart from these, Vanadyl Sulfate is a weight loss supplement became popular with anyone who was seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their weight loss program. The main characteristics of the mineral Vanadium in it is to lower the blood sugar. The diabetes patients will need to consult their doctor if they are planning to use this supplement.

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