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Weight Loss Walking as an Aerobic Workout

Weight loss walking is effective as a regular routine over a certain period of time. Brisk walking is considered as a mild cardio exercise. It does not require high stamina and strong efforts.

It is said weight loss walking is ineffective when done consecutive days. It should be done everyday or at least three times a week. Initially the beginner should try to walk at his best pace until he is adequately tired.

The next day the walker should try to cover a little more distance than the previous day. It is recommended weight loss walking should involve a four-mile routine. Individual discretions based on fitness level can be accommodated.

The weight loss-walking participant can aim to achieve covering a distance of four miles at least within an hour. This is said to burn enough calories before and after the physical routine. A healthy meal plan should accompany any physical exercise.

Most wellness experts and healthcare practitioners recommend a target of 10,000 steps everyday for weight loss walking. Obese individuals often lack motivation to start themselves on an exercise program. Their best effort would be going for a walk.

There are multiple benefits to general walking for weight reduction. It is said to engage all the muscles of the body with movement. It involves no cost and is free of exercise equipment. Lifting weights can be combined to them for increased thermogenesis.

It brings out a refreshing opportunity to head outdoors and improves bodily metabolic rate. It fights over visible aging musculature. Incidence of morbidity and mortality form killer disease states is reduced.

The incidence of cancer, cerebrovascular accidents like stroke and myocardial infarction is reduced. There is scientific data that acknowledges walking at a faster rate burns more calories

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Per pound body weight every minute. 

By having social company along while going for a walk, obese individuals find it easy to indulge in

physical workouts. Cardio workouts and floor exercises require great motivation than walking. Thus weight loss walking is their best bet to wellness.

Everyday fifteen minutes of indulgence in mild cardio workout through walks can be slowly increased to half hour. Prescription diet pills are known to give best results with weight loss walking. A diet that contains plenty of fruits and colored leafy vegetables is considered a must.

It is rightly observed that walking should be a head to toe exercise from. The entire weight of the body is to be moved from the heel and only then to the other areas of the feet. The force of movement is then transferred from the feet to the heel of the other leg.

Easy swinging movements of the arms are to accompany brisk movement of the legs. The back and shoulders when straight make for the appropriate posture with chin up and chest forward.

The right posture maintains muscle tone, pace and safety. 

Weight loss walking is considered a value addition for any weight reduction program. The individual is advised to wear comfortable foot ware to avoid any indulgent injuries. The maintenance of an appropriate pace is recommended for best results.

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