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To Lose Weight By Counting Calories Is The Easiest Way

People around the world who want to lose weight or just confused because of the hype created everywhere. You’ll find that someone trying to convince you to the fats free food whereas another person is trying to tell you that low Carbohydrate diet is the best way to lose weight. You’ll also find people who claim that you can lose weight by eating only meat. 

If you are surfing on Internet you will find headlines stating to lose 1lb. everyday and another headline stating you to sit on the couch, eat whatever you want and lose weight. You will find many of this irrelevant advertising to lose weight immediately. 

However, the fact remains that the weights you have gained have taken a couple of years and it will take almost same time to lose those extra fats. The fact also remains that many people who had tried to lose weight rapidly have broken down there muscle tissue, your body becomes weak and your energy and metabolism will decrease.

People think that you gain fat because of eating fat, however this is a myth. But people follow this myth and completely stop eating fats and amino acids. The truth is there are to types of fats, good fats and bad fats.

It is the bad fats that are the cause of all the unhealthy problems for being overweight. However, the truth remains that you need fat for proper function of your body. 

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Then you might be asking what the right way to lose weight is. The answer is clear and that is to lose weight by counting calories. You’re confused again how can you lose weight by counting calories? The answer is very simple; to lose weight by counting calories is very easy. 

You start gaining weight if you eat more calories than the minimum calories required by your body and it is the opposite if you eat fewer calories than required by your body. However, the minimum amount of calorie intake should be taken by your body to maintain a perfect feature. 

Apart from this aspect to lose weight by counting calories, the number of meals that you have daily will also count. People have made a habit to the three big meals every day but the right method to maintain a healthy body and to lose weight by counting calories is to have five to six smaller meals every day. 

The reason to this is, when you eat the three big meals every day, your metabolic rate will be decreased and you start feeling empty between the meals and keep eating snacks in between these big meals thereby increasing the calorie intake. 

To lose weight by counting calories you need to eat five to six smaller meals as this will make you feel full and you will not crave for food in between meals. 

On average, a normal build person will learn around thirteen kilocalories everyday for every pound. If your weight is around 140lbs. then you will be burning 1850 kilocalories everyday. To lose weight by counting calories, you’re in the calories should not be more then 1300 kilocalories. By these you are burning 500 kilocalories everyday.

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