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Facts About Slimming Your Hips

As you get overweight, you start all sorts of exercises to reduce your weight but the main part of your body that is the hips are always neglected. For getting the slimming your hips, all you have to do is follow some effective yet simple exercises to get rid of that extra fat on your hips. These exercises are very simple and easy to perform.

By just following the under mentioned exercises you can start seeing results within weeks as the results will be pretty fast. However, you cannot reduce that excess fat immediately. So you need to follow the exercise program regularly and should not miss them for the overall reduction of fat in your body. 

For the slimming your hips you have to work out at least five times per week for 45 minutes every day. The more time you spend on exercising the more you will burn calories for the slimming your hips. Hence, it is recommended to walk as much as possible. Cycling is also a good exercise in the slimming your hips. 

Hula hooping is one of the best exercises in the slimming your hips. But hula hooping without much weight on your hula hoop will be frustrating and you will not get any results. Hence, it is recommended that your hula hoop should be at least 5 pounds in weight for effective results in the slimming your hips.

You’ll start seeing the results within weeks even if you do hula hooping for just ten to fifteen minutes every day. But remember that your hula hoop should weigh at least 5 pounds. 

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Another exercise for the slimming your hips is jumping. This is very simple because you can do this anywhere. 

Doing at home will be very comforting one. All you have to do is jump high in the air continuously for one minute with out stopping. Then you can take rest for 30 seconds and again start jumping high for another one minute. This way you can jump for at least ten times in a day and you will surely see your hips slimming down. 

Squatting is also one of the best exercises for your lower body. This exercise helps you in toning your hips by strengthening large leg muscles. Squats can be done at home or at gym but the result will be same. You can utilize your own weight and squat by taking dumbbells for extra resistance.

You can also try some floor exercises to the slimming your hips. Floor exercises are easy to do and can be done at your home. 

Skipping and swimming also has great effect on your lower body especially hips. Skipping can be done anywhere even at home but for swimming you have to find a swimming pool available for you throughout the year. 

Try to swim as fast as you can and reach the other side of the pool at the earliest. Once reaching the other side of the pool you can rest for 30 seconds and repeat the same procedure for at least twenty to 30 minutes for effective slimming procedure.

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