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Easy To Follow Weight Loss Menu

Do you know?

To be more successful, a proper planning of food items and weight loss food menu can help you a lot.

The secret of weight loss

The secret of efficient weight loss with weight loss food menu not lies in the way you do things. You need to get set your mind before you start doing anything. Your mind should be in a position to control your body effectively so that you can achieve whatever you desire.

Some useful guidelines

There are few guidelines which you need to follow before you could start a balanced of efficient weight loss food menu.

Instead of having 3 big meals a day, you can try having several small meals that can be more efficient and helps your metabolism

To be more successful, a proper planning of food items can help you a lot. Make a list of it previous night itself and make it more efficient. The food items you select for weight loss food menu should be of low calorie and low fat content.

You need to make it very simple and short. You need not go deep into the specific food items. You just need to count the calories of whatever you eat.

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You should have a habit of eating slowly.
The food you select must be healthier which may include, vegetables, fruits, beans, low fat calories etc.
Blindly ignore food items for weight loss food menu that are high in fat content and sugar content.
Try avoiding foods with heavy calories like pastries, and sugar content like candy bars 
Try using a big variety of vegetables and preferably fruits in your plan of diet. Begin your weight loss plan by having about five to six vegetables and fruits every day. 

An efficient diet menu

You can have drinks that include

Black tea

Black coffee without sugar preferably


Low calorie drinks like diet Pepsi etc 

The following efficient weight loss food menu provides you about thousand calories which actually includes140g of carbohydrates, 20g of fat, 70g of proteins..

Useful Morning Snack

A hundred gram of very low fat content yoghurt with fruit base can be very efficient during morning

Efficient Breakfast

Try having a sandwich of banana 

Have a glass of orange juice to fill your stomach

Easy Lunch

Try one full meal roll of forty five grams.

Try a Mixed vegetable with spring onions and sweet pepper.

Fatless Afternoon Snack

Very low fat crisp walkers can be most efficient

Delicious Evening

Try having a glass of very low calorie chocolate drink can be both delicious and efficient

Light Dinner

Seventy grams of well Roasted breast of a chicken preferably without skin

Eighty grams of small Potatoes, well mashed with milk

Fifty grams of very well boiled Carrots

Following this weight loss food menu efficiently, it can easily help women to lose about 2 – 4 lbs and men from 3 – 5. It is not actually required to control and limit your food and lessen the calories for more than one week or so.

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