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Weight Loss Motivation-One Step Closer To your Happiness

Having an idol to look up to in life is very important for every human being. However, it is not wise to always look for motivation in others. 

People often advice us to “learn from my mistakes / experiences”. I believe, just like there is a difference between ‘sympathy’ and ‘empathy’, you cannot learn as much from others’ experiences as you can learn from your own experiences.

For a change, you can try and start looking up to ‘a better and stronger yourself’ as an inspiration so that you will become like you want to be.

It is true that happiness lies within us but some times our environment and surroundings leave us so very stressed that we fail to find it. However, the winner is the one who knows how to cultivate happiness and rise from adverse situations in life.

Having more than the required body weight or in other words, being obese can be very stressful. It can take a toll one’s life both physically and mentally. The first and most important step necessary to fight back the weight gain is weight loss motivation. Once the realization crops in, you can do wonders for you.

There are many ways to derive weight loss motivation from. One can browse the internet, talk to reliable friends and family members and read articles in the newspapers, etc for helpful tips for weight loss motivation. Some of things that you might want to consider are listed below:

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Come out of denial about your weight and sense your excess body weight (i.e. If you are over weight) which can cause mental and physical damage if not taken care of.

Choose weight loss motivation over the weight gain depression. If you have already made an effort but failed, try to ascertain the reasons behind it and make a better effort the second time. Keep trying and you will surely succeed - If a spider can do it why can’t we human beings do better?

Another very helpful way is writing down the truth about your weight and sticking it to your refrigerator. Every time you reach the fridge or cross it you’ll be reminded and motivated to do something about your weight.

Make a list of the nice things (that you are not able to do now) that you can do if you reduce your weight.

Such as fitting into your old jeans and looking dashing, not going out of breath at the slightest exertion, experiencing more energy, enjoying shopping for clothes, enjoying holidays and special functions, not feeling low and self-conscious at get-togethers and most of all feeling confident and good about yourself.

You can actually save those hefty doctors’ bills that you might have been spending because of your increased weight issues. Obesity affects the functioning of our major body organs causing vital damages to our body followed by treatments and huge medical bills.

Simple theory - Our body functions the best when we are joyful - We can be joyful/happy when we feel good about ourselves - We feel good about ourselves when our body is in good shape and size (which can be controlled by nobody else but us). Hence, be healthy and the happiness will follow. If you are overweight then find your weight loss motivation today!

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